What happened to spring?

Well there we were, one moment it was over 20 degrees and I was looking for my shorts, then a few days later, snow. Well a couple of flakes anyway, but really cold northly winds. You could almost hear the crops grind to a halt. Statistically we are more likely to get snow at Easter than we are at Christmas. My Dad always used to … Continue reading What happened to spring?

Manic March.

It’s been a very long time since we have seen this number of seagulls following the seed drill. The kites and buzzards mostly scare them off, but maybe they are particularly hungry after the spell of cold weather. Also, this field is but a stone’s throw away from Caversham Lakes and the River Thames, so maybe that has a bearing on it. Meanwhile, a day … Continue reading Manic March.

Grain nutrient test results.

The photo above shows winter linseed emerging,  sown in the third week in September, our favoured period for winter linseed down here in the south.  It’s now nicely established and will not be too large going into the winter, as it seems crazy to me to sow it early and then have to use expensive growth regulators and fungicides. The seed on its own is … Continue reading Grain nutrient test results.