The Jolly Green Giant

Henley Standard July 2nd 2021 The culmination of nearly a year’s work is almost upon us here on the farm. Time to dust off the jolly green giant and let it strut its stuff. Probably better recognised as a combine harvester, our John Deere badged machine, in its green livery and weighing in at over 20 tonnes will be coming to a field near you … Continue reading The Jolly Green Giant

Henley Standard 5th March 2021

Our local weekly paper The Henley Standard have agreed to let me write a piece on farming every month. Its called Farming Matters. From the stats that WordPress, who host my website give me it seems this blog has a worldwide readership. So I thought perhaps I could share with those outside of Henley and the surrounding area what I had written. Obviously I will … Continue reading Henley Standard 5th March 2021