Farming Matters Henley Standard November 2022.

Farmers are obsessed with the weather, as you can see from my monthly musings it often gets a mention. 2022 seems to have been a roller coaster with everything from drought to full on torrential rain, thunder and wind. That was some storm which crashed down on us on Sunday 23rd October. One minute all was calm, then the sky lit up with lightening, the … Continue reading Farming Matters Henley Standard November 2022.

Gene editing plants.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has recently announced that it is relaxing the rules on gene editing (GE) for crop production in the UK. This is not the same as genetic modification (GM) which a few years ago got labelled as ‘Frankenstein Food’. GM uses DNA material from other species to make changes to the plants. Gene editing manipulates the coding … Continue reading Gene editing plants.

Farm methane is not as harmful.

Henley standard 2/12/21 Was COP26 a cop out or did it actually achieve anything meaningful? You have to wonder if it did, when the conference was closed by a tearful chairman after the shenanigans over the wording for a reduction in coal use. It also now appears, according to a report by Brazil’s space agency, that the decimation of their rainforest has increased by 22% … Continue reading Farm methane is not as harmful.