Doing our bit on climate change

The Climate Change Committee and Greener Henley are great initiatives and ones that I fully back. However, it seems to me that lately they have been hijacked by those with an ‘agenda’. The Henley Standard and in particular the excellent letters page, has recently been filled with arguments about why we should or should not all become vegans. The general theme of the pro argument … Continue reading Doing our bit on climate change

Farm methane is not as harmful.

Henley standard 2/12/21 Was COP26 a cop out or did it actually achieve anything meaningful? You have to wonder if it did, when the conference was closed by a tearful chairman after the shenanigans over the wording for a reduction in coal use. It also now appears, according to a report by Brazil’s space agency, that the decimation of their rainforest has increased by 22% … Continue reading Farm methane is not as harmful.