Clusters and Combines.

We are part of a cluster. It sounds interesting I know and conjures up all sorts of images as to what we could be getting up to. The Christmas Common Cluster is a group of farmers and landowners who have got together to work on environmental projects in our area. By working collectively, as well as on our own projects, we can deliver more for … Continue reading Clusters and Combines.

Winter is on the way.

This is looking towards the Chilterns this morning, whilst walking the winter linseed. It’s noticeable now after the storms of late that most of the trees have lost their leaves, which must mean winter is on the way. Last year was mild and wet, let’s hope we don’t get another like that. We still have just over 100ha of wheat to establish and  just as … Continue reading Winter is on the way.

Goodbye harvest 2020.

No pot of gold at the end of this rainbow! Definitely the worst harvest in 40 years, for us anyway, though I believe some of the farmers on the southern chalk downlands have fared better. Meanwhile, those further north with no winter crop established at all are still to start. 2020 has been a horrendous year for everyone due to a multitude of issues. To … Continue reading Goodbye harvest 2020.