Dry January and a mad March.

  My wife Liz decided she would have a go at dry January, but not until after her birthday! Technically she managed 21 days dry, which was considerably more than the weather achieved, as can be seen from our Sencrop data above. Our 5 year average for January is 70 mm, but this is distorted somewhat by the 29mm recorded in 2019. When just a … Continue reading Dry January and a mad March.

Back to the grindstone

Back to the grindstone after a holiday to distant, warm shores. Grateful to have missed the snow and ice, it seems little has changed with the possible exception of our soil. When we left on 21st of January a few brave farmers were already applying nitrogen fertiliser and sowing the first of the spring crops. However the total rainfall for January of 29mm just about … Continue reading Back to the grindstone