Doing our bit on climate change

The Climate Change Committee and Greener Henley are great initiatives and ones that I fully back. However, it seems to me that lately they have been hijacked by those with an ‘agenda’. The Henley Standard and in particular the excellent letters page, has recently been filled with arguments about why we should or should not all become vegans. The general theme of the pro argument … Continue reading Doing our bit on climate change

Farming Matters January 2023

Happy New Year! In farming and in life it is sometimes worth pausing and looking back to see if you have learnt anything from the past. It’s been a pretty exciting time with the weather over the last year, with record breaking temperatures in the summer and a lack of rain. The rainfall total is looking like being below average, but as I am penning … Continue reading Farming Matters January 2023

Farming Matters December 2022 Henley Standard

Dear Father Christmas It’s been a while since I last contacted you, so I assume you might by now be accepting letters by email. Rural broadband is rubbish here in the UK unless you happen to be near enough to a fibre cable hub, which we are not. Sending my letter up the chimney like we used to do as kids is a challenge. The … Continue reading Farming Matters December 2022 Henley Standard