Time to grow your own food.

Spring, which has now officially turned into summer, is my favourite time of year. The dullness of winter, in terms of colour in the countryside, is replaced by a kaleidoscope of greens as the trees awake from their winter slumber. The wild flowers beneath the trees and along the field edges and roadside verges add to the mosaic. When things really get going, especially the … Continue reading Time to grow your own food.

Gene editing plants.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has recently announced that it is relaxing the rules on gene editing (GE) for crop production in the UK. This is not the same as genetic modification (GM) which a few years ago got labelled as ‘Frankenstein Food’. GM uses DNA material from other species to make changes to the plants. Gene editing manipulates the coding … Continue reading Gene editing plants.