Should we be importing so much of our food?

World food prices rose for a second consecutive month in September and is now approaching a record 10 year high. This is mostly caused by a global increase in the price of cereals and oilseeds. In the summer of 2020, Russia and Kazakhstan both constrained or even stopped completely their export of agricultural commodities. Further price rises have been spurred on by disruptive weather events … Continue reading Should we be importing so much of our food?

Smarter farming

From my monthly column in the Henley Standard this is the piece from June 4th. By 2070 the world population is forecast to reach 10 billion people, so we have to find sustainable ways to feed everyone. As I mentioned in my last Farming Matters column, where I talked about climate change, synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is having an impact on our industry‚Äôs carbon footprint. The … Continue reading Smarter farming

Winter Linseed part of my new rotation.

  This coming harvest will be our third year of growing Alpaga winter linseed. So far it has been an interesting learning experience and has now replaced part of our previous rape area. The rest is made up with forage maize for a local beef producer and spring oats. None of these are as profitable as rape once was, but all infinitely more reliable thanks … Continue reading Winter Linseed part of my new rotation.