3 Wishes

Henley Standard Farming Matters January 2022 Happy New Year. Things can only get better! That might make a catchy tune, oh it’s already been done. Never mind, there must be other ways we can diversify our income because farming is never going to make anyone rich, especially now. Hopefully, most of you had a wonderful spread of British produce at some point to celebrate Christmas. … Continue reading 3 Wishes

Should we be importing so much of our food?

World food prices rose for a second consecutive month in September and is now approaching a record 10 year high. This is mostly caused by a global increase in the price of cereals and oilseeds. In the summer of 2020, Russia and Kazakhstan both constrained or even stopped completely their export of agricultural commodities. Further price rises have been spurred on by disruptive weather events … Continue reading Should we be importing so much of our food?

Farming Matters Henley Standard October column.

We finally finished harvest on 3rd September, so just as you were reading my last piece about harvest and combines. It has been a pretty tedious affair this year, with some crops managing an average yield and others, notably the linseed, being a disaster. The almost constant dull and sometimes damp weather during August meant crops were slow to ripen and almost impossible to harvest … Continue reading Farming Matters Henley Standard October column.