Winter Linseed part of my new rotation.

  This coming harvest will be our third year of growing Alpaga winter linseed. So far it has been an interesting learning experience and has now replaced part of our previous rape area. The rest is made up with forage maize for a local beef producer and spring oats. None of these are as profitable as rape once was, but all infinitely more reliable thanks … Continue reading Winter Linseed part of my new rotation.

Open Farm Sunday

Every year in early June, farms of all kinds open their gates so that they can show their customers how food is produced. Trying to connect food and farming is not easy. Sadly, some urban children still think milk, like other food, comes from supermarkets. It can be quite a shock when they realise it originates on a farm and comes from a cow. Due … Continue reading Open Farm Sunday

Which one came first?

Spring oats are on their way now despite the efforts of the crows. You can just see the empty husk of an oat seed bottom left of the photo. Anywhere the slot left by the drill had not been closed, they were in looking for seed to eat. So did cultivation type make any difference to which block emerged first? Was it autumn cultivated and … Continue reading Which one came first?