Farming Matters Henley Standard October column.

We finally finished harvest on 3rd September, so just as you were reading my last piece about harvest and combines. It has been a pretty tedious affair this year, with some crops managing an average yield and others, notably the linseed, being a disaster. The almost constant dull and sometimes damp weather during August meant crops were slow to ripen and almost impossible to harvest … Continue reading Farming Matters Henley Standard October column.

We run out of food this week

Around about the 20th of August we will run out of food. A sobering thought but actually not likely to happen whilst we can still import food from other countries. The statement does bear further scrutiny though. This is the date that the country would notionally run out of food if the public had only eaten British produce from the 1st January. As a country, … Continue reading We run out of food this week

Smarter farming

From my monthly column in the Henley Standard this is the piece from June 4th. By 2070 the world population is forecast to reach 10 billion people, so we have to find sustainable ways to feed everyone. As I mentioned in my last Farming Matters column, where I talked about climate change, synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is having an impact on our industry‚Äôs carbon footprint. The … Continue reading Smarter farming