Farming Matters Henley Standard November 2022.

Farmers are obsessed with the weather, as you can see from my monthly musings it often gets a mention. 2022 seems to have been a roller coaster with everything from drought to full on torrential rain, thunder and wind. That was some storm which crashed down on us on Sunday 23rd October. One minute all was calm, then the sky lit up with lightening, the … Continue reading Farming Matters Henley Standard November 2022.

Henley Standard Farming Matters August.

It was one of the earliest starts to harvest for a long time, although it was always on the cards as the crops have been about ten days ahead all year. We began with winter barley on the 11th July. The oilseed rape has also been harvested and safely tucked away in the shed.  At this point it might be helpful to explain the difference … Continue reading Henley Standard Farming Matters August.

Another Opinion on Pesticides

Time to put another view on Glyphosate and neonicotinoid pesticides. Glyphosate, sold as Roundup, is often making the headlines as being the demon pesticide and the cause of all sorts of ills. It is a non-selective, contact herbicide, meaning it will kill most plants. Pure glyphosate is low in toxicity, however products usually contain other substances that help the glyphosate get into the plants and … Continue reading Another Opinion on Pesticides