Farming Matters April

Below is a copy of the text that went into my monthly column for the Henley Standard on April 2nd. Under the banner of Farming Matters with the title of the piece ‘Helping rare birds to survive’. The first two paragraphs are excepts from previous blogs, then in summary I try to relate this to our core business which is producing food. As a farm, … Continue reading Farming Matters April

Manic March.

It’s been a very long time since we have seen this number of seagulls following the seed drill. The kites and buzzards mostly scare them off, but maybe they are particularly hungry after the spell of cold weather. Also, this field is but a stone’s throw away from Caversham Lakes and the River Thames, so maybe that has a bearing on it. Meanwhile, a day … Continue reading Manic March.

Bird Survey and floods.

Photo by Blue Matrix It has been a bit on the wet side and we have extensive flooding on our land down by the Thames. The B478, which in more normal times carries 1000’s of cars a day across the Thames at Sonning, has been shut for a week. Not that it stops some idiots still driving through the floods, mind you. The tidal wave … Continue reading Bird Survey and floods.