Winter is on the way.

This is looking towards the Chilterns this morning, whilst walking the winter linseed. It’s noticeable now after the storms of late that most of the trees have lost their leaves, which must mean winter is on the way. Last year was mild and wet, let’s hope we don’t get another like that. We still have just over 100ha of wheat to establish and  just as we thought it was going to dry out enough to make a start again over the weekend, down came the rain once more. Still time to get drilled up I keep telling myself, much like I did last year. With the variety Skyfall left to plant it does give us until March, but I would feel much happier if it was in the ground well before then. What I don’t want to do is maul it in at this time of year, so a bit of patience is required.

Our John Deere 750A drill is up for sale. We have bought a Kockerling Jockey which should be able to better deal with our stony soils. It is amazing what the 750A can do in the right conditions.

That’s a before and after photo of some wheat going into regrowth  from last harvest’s winter linseed. Sadly it just can’t cope with wet soils or stones.

Far too much of the above has been a feature of this autumn’s drilling campaign:  unblocking the machine whilst trying to establish wheat during wet weather. As we have to plant crops in October because of black grass pressure, we are always going to be up against the weather. We cannot continue to have stoppages and as we can’t afford to run 2 drills it’s got to go.

Lots on the political agenda at the moment. From dodgy lockdown data here, to claims of unfair elections across the Atlantic and don’t get me started on the food standards row that just seems to roll on as we get ever nearer to Brexit. It seems to me the best way to keep your sanity is to avoid the news, though I have probably not been keeping to my own advice just lately. That coupled with the incessant rain had given me writer’s block. However, I am back in the saddle now and bashing away at the keyboard again. With a new job overseeing our farm in Hampshire as well as looking after the home farm, I have well and truly got my mojo back.

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