We are still working to feed you.

Fellow villagers: As part of the food chain, UK Farmers are still working. We need to tend to our crops and livestock to ensure that there is food available both now and in the future. Here on the estate in Binfield Heath, Dunsden Green, and the surrounding area we are desperately trying to catch up and get crops established after the awful winter we have had. The three of us on the farm will still be on our tractors, so if you are out taking exercise please be aware. Use the footpaths by all means, but don’t stray into the fields. We are practising social distancing/isolation, but in our tractors, so please therefore do not approach us. If you need to contact us please use email or phone. Stay safe and healthy.

One thought on “We are still working to feed you.

  1. Can I add a plea to walkers with or without dogs not to take a short cut across the fields and through the newly growing crops? From our house we see people doing this surprisingly often – and one just yesterday.

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