A short respite.

So now you know, if you hadn’t already worked it out, it has been very wet! The above diagram is courtesy of the Environment Agency although I found it through ADAS. Pity those poor souls that find them selves in the black areas. It’s not surprising that they have little or no crop in the ground. We fall into the above normal/notably higher area but our problems are mostly soil type related. The light gravel ground is sown to winter crops where planned, but anywhere with more clay or poorly drained still awaits some kind of seed. Up until this week it was going to be Skyfall, but more rain has put paid to that and by the time it dries out it will be too late. The current plan is to plant spring barley and go back into wheat next year. We are at the point where it has become a 2 year plan in terms of economic return.

I have seen a strange orange thing in the sky this week, but only very briefly to give a short respite from the rain. Just dry enough to get a low dose of nitrogen on the struggling winter cereals which look very short of nutrients now. With small plants and roots, more frequent low doses of nitrogen seems the sensible way to go. Another blustery week to come and then an improvement apparently. Can’t come too soon with all the extra work to complete.


That’s what most of France and Belgium looked like last week as we took a few days break and went to Brussels on the Eurostar and then onto Bruges. Water was lying on the surface and as it was mostly flat it had no where to go. There was quite a few part drilled fields as well. Interestingly though, where we did see streams or rivers none had broken their banks as in the UK. Maybe they don’t let them silt up.



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