Seed lies rotting in the field whilst Boris roasts the opposition.

I have tried hard to avoid any reference to politics whilst the general election was in progress, but thankfully it is now over and we can all move on. Three flawed leaders from the main parties fought to win our votes over the last few weeks. I spoke to quite a few people before polling, who simply did not know who to vote for and I count myself amongst them. My original vote in the referendum to remain, has seen me tussle with my desire to see democracy be the winner. In the end I think that has been achieved and whatever your views on Brexit might be, the people have spoken. We now, especially in farming, need to make sure that we work to protect our industry from substandard imports and ill thought out policy. It is time to put away the arguments of the last three and half years and concentrate on how we set out the future for our great industry. We will all need to play our part in lobbying the new government to ensure future policy has food production and the stewardship of the countryside towards the top of their agenda.

Meanwhile, with another 18mm of rain falling on polling day, to add to the 18mm that has already fallen in December, it is fair to say we are no further forward. In fact some of what is in the ground is going backwards. Both wheat and especially the barley are really struggling where ever the clay content of the soil is higher. As the photo above shows, seed is now rotting in the saturated soils. Should it have stayed in the bag? I don’t think so. This particular patch of ground sits at one end of a gravel field and probably represents less than 10% of the area. Some fields are much better, others are worse. We still have about 35% of the wheat area to drill.

At least it looks like we will all get to spend sometime with our families over Christmas.  We will hope for a better January, to once again allow us back into the fields. Let’s get drilling done!


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