Winter linseed is on the move.

The first fields to be sown with winter linseed are emerging, thanks to the recent rain. So  too are the volunteers from the previous winter barley. This field was sown 11 days ago on the 19th September. The barley straw was baled and then the stubble was left for 5 weeks to ensure the meadow broom, that had shed in the previous crop, would not become dormant by burying it. We now move a lot less soil, so a light discing to 50mm deep followed by an integral packer was enough to get the volunteers to chit. We use a Horsch Joker to achieve this. A dose of glyphosate went on prior to drilling with the John Deere 750A and then rolling to firm the seed in. A pre emergent herbicide in the form of Callisto completed the job. We have 25ha of linseed still to establish as torrential rain has currently stopped play. Hopefully we will get that in towards the end of this week. Then it will be time to start thinking about getting the winter cereals in the ground. A busy few weeks lie ahead of us.

As stated before, I take more than a passing interest in politics. Recent events however have left me feeling completely fed up with all politicians, no matter which side they are on. It makes me really angry to think that they are playing games with the future of our country just to score points and further their own careers. If, as some commentators say, Boris Johnson is deliberately trying to set the people against parliament then he has succeeded with me. However, if his plan is for me to then think he is the saviour and I will vote for him in the next election, he has failed dismally. Currently nothing can persuade me to vote for any of them, which is a terrible state of affairs. I hope something is sorted out soon and we can start to heal all the anger and division that seems to have started with Brexit.

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