Blue is the colour

The delicate blue flowers of the winter linseed look a picture at the moment. It is however quite difficult to get a photo of the whole field in flower as they open and close as the clouds pass over. I always seem to be on the sprayer just when the sun shines. The crop itself looks really good this year, weed and disease free so let’s hope it fulfils its potential. I feel much happier with my agronomy the second time around. Even though the crop notes that Premium Crops send us on a regular basis are useful, they are no substitute for actual experience with the crop. So unless we have a disastrous harvest our area of the crop is set to grow next year.

Talking of blue flowers, my son James and his now fiancée Anna, were home to visit this weekend, primarily to help celebrate the birthdays of his niece and nephew, our grandchildren. I can’t believe they are now 3 and 1. Whilst having a mooch around the yard he came across some of our phacelia which is also in flower. He was amazed at the number of bees in it, so much so that he had to stop and take some pictures.

We have a couple of strips in public places, one in the yard and another adjacent to the village green and community orchard. Great PR for farming and a brilliant environment for bees. I also need to thank James for sorting out my website for this blog. It is now  more professional and it will allow me to do much more. I just need the time to have a play with it.

It seems a pox has suddenly invaded some of my wheat crops as a rash of unwanted grass weeds have sporadically reared their ugly heads. Black grass in particular, which I thought we had controlled really well this year. Although only light infestations, some has popped up in places I haven’t seen it before. On the whole though, there is considerably less than when I first came here over 16 years ago. Much of this is down to the rotation, which now includes several spring crops and the move to later drilling. Every year is different but I hope we are moving in the right direction.

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