A different weed to deal with.

The spring cereals sown in February are up and away now, despite the best efforts of the corvids. The hedges already bursting into life are now being joined by the trees, which are starting to shows signs of new growth.

The clay cap block destined for spring barley has had a visit by the drill and needs some rain now. Other than wash in some fertiliser, the 3mm we received yesterday hasn’t gone very far.

Applications of nitrogen, fungicides and growth regulators are all up-to-date. The field of wheat selected for the variable T0 application has been sprayed. As part of Bayer’s Partners in Performance this will be featured in the next issue of CPM.

I need to know how long the production cycle of a cannabis factory is. We have a problem with a new kind of ‘weed’. Just after Christmas we had a load of black plastic bags of used compost dumped in a gateway. In amongst these were some dried up plant stems. I wondered why I felt so happy as I lugged the bags out of the gateway and onto the road side. It turns out they were cannabis plants. Somebody had obviously just cleared out an illegal weed factory. 2 weeks ago, in another gateway on the farm, more black bags full of compost turned up. So if I could work out the length of the production cycle maybe I can catch them when they dump the next lot.

Brexit Anxiety has now been recognised as a national problem in raising people’s stress levels. My way of dealing with it all is to take a walk across the crops, find somewhere peaceful, sit down, close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me. Apparently it’s called mindfulness.  I consider myself very lucky to live and work in the countryside and I have no intention of letting a bunch of politicians get inside my head simply because they can’t agree on a course of action.



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