Back to the grindstone

Back to the grindstone after a holiday to distant, warm shores. Grateful to have missed the snow and ice, it seems little has changed with the possible exception of our soil. When we left on 21st of January a few brave farmers were already applying nitrogen fertiliser and sowing the first of the spring crops. However the total rainfall for January of 29mm just about equalled the amount that fell, including the snow, in the first 7 days of February. I was glad I’d left the tractors in the shed, with a return to the more normal cold, wet soils of late winter.

I am pretty depressed to see that absolutely no progress has been made with Brexit and we still seem no nearer to a solution as once again politicians put their own agendas before the greater good of the country.

They say travel broadens the mind and we have been extremely lucky in recent years to visit different countries and immerse ourselves in their very diverse cultures. The picture above vividly depicts the gulf that exists in Hong Kong between wealth and poverty. The super yachts that are moored alongside the sampans and the glistening glass skyscrapers adjacent to the dreary concrete apartment blocks. We rode from the old side of the city, with its street markets selling dried fish, on a tram for 26p. On the newer, east side we found grand shopping malls with designer shops and super cars parading up the streets.

I have been lucky enough to get an invite to the NFU conference next week so I look forward to reporting on that next time. Maybe even some fieldwork by then as well.

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