Simon goes it alone

Until recently I was one of Farmers Weekly’s Arable Focus writers. Following a phone call which came out of the blue from the Arable editor I became the victim of a refreshing exercise. Undeterred and spurred on by all the comments I received after my last post was published I have decided to go it alone. So I will continue in much the same vein as before and publish my thoughts on life, the universe and farming.

Christmas was slightly different this year as firstly I elected to be on duty at work. We don’t have livestock but there is always something to do. Secondly, my son announced that he needed a lift to Heathrow on Christmas Day as he had some cheap tickets for the USA. The family came round for brunch and present opening before we headed off up the M4. Before the festivities began James and girlfriend Anna came back from walking Paddy, my farm dog, to announce that they had just got engaged. Fantastic news, so their holiday became an engagement-moon.

The Brexit debacle goes on and politicians continue to play games with our livelihoods. I despair sometimes with what happens in Westminster. It does make you wonder why they are so disconnected from the real world. Perhaps they should all be made to take sabbaticals during their long summer vacations and spend a few weeks working alongside their constituents.

Hopefully you will continue to follow my posts and pass this on to other like minded readers.